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Bayinkjet Customer Testimonials

Mark, thank you so much for your help over the weekend.  You went above and beyond.  It's so challenging to find people who are so committed to their craft as you are.  We were able to complete the project on time and have a very happy customer.  If you ever need a customer reference, I am your man.  Once again thank you so much, we wouldn’t have been able to complete the project with out your help.
- Khaqan Ashraf, Copy World Inc., Berkeley, CA 
I know you all are clear across the country but I had to send you an invite for my opening this Friday.  Thanks to you and the printer I purchased from Bay Ink Jet my show is looking to start off smoothly - the prints turned out really nicely thanks to the printer itself (after a bunch of calibration to my monitor and the paper I use).Thanks again to you and your team for supplying me with my awesome new printer - I do appreciate it!
- Kevin Korn Photography, Nantucket Island
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