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X-Rite i1 Family of Workflow Calibration Products

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Calibration tools are an essential part of any color-critical workflow, whether you are an indenpendent professional working with web and print files, or part of a larger color-critical workflow. As experts in wide-format printing, ImageTech technicians understand color managed workflows and offer on-site training and support.

A key tool for many of our clients is the X-Rite i1 Family of spectrophotometers and calibration workflow products. Imaging professionals know that calibrated and profiled devices and systems are a critical and essential part of a successful, efficient, creative workflow. What you capture on your camera; see on your monitor, projector or mobile device; view on your proofs, prints and presses; or share online has to match –or you will never be happy with the result. The X-Rite family of i1 color management solutions are known for their high level of color accuracy.

For more details on the X-Rite i1 Family of products:

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