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Mimaki Latex Inks

ImageTech / Bayinkjet is one of Northern California's largest Mimaki dealers. In addition to sales, installation, and service on Mimaki wide-format printers, our Bayinkjet site carries a full range of large format printing supplies, including inks and media. If you're running the Mimaki JV400LX you'll need the LX101 Latex inkset.

Call us with your questions (510.238.8905) or order directly online at the same great prices:


Mimaki Latex Ink

Eco-conscious and versatile ink!

High image representation expands possibilities for signage printing.

A water-based Mimaki latex ink has been developed by concentrating Mimaki’s technologies, without losing the vibrant color and high color reproducibility of solvent inks. Resins contained in the latex ink are dissolved by heat and form a membrane to firmly fix pigments to the surface of the media. The latex ink allows for printing on a wide range of materials including PVC, paper, fabric, and PET film without the ink absorbing layer, which is typically difficult to print on with solvent ink. Eco-conscious low VOC* formulation latex ink does not require special ventilation in the workplace; therefore, it reduces any adverse operator health effects.

Latex ink [LX101] gained the "GREENGUARD Gold" certification by UL LLC of third-party institution of safety science of the United States.

*Volatile Organic Compounds

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